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Adventure Bits

Handpick smaller bits of our unique experiences and continue onwards the way that suits you the best.

For some people, the unexpected events, the impulsive decisions and the freedom to go in any direction, while taking things day by day and not knowing what's going to happen next, is the perfect way to travel. 
If you belong to these species, you can now chose to pick the exact and unique experiences that we do best and plan the rest on the road. 
These have usually have a duration of 1 to 4 days. 
Take a look at the tours below and pick the ones you like

Adventure Bits: Vacations
Adventure Bits: Product Gallery

What's Awesome about Adventure Bits?

When you book a small module with Huckleberry Days, you are already one of us. Most small modules consist of 3-5 days of planned experiences, but we are with you both before and after.


Travel with freedom


Never go down on adventure. Let it go down on you.

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Stay Flexible

Take it day by day

We only create small modules, that consist of what we do best. Wild, unique and original adventure, that can be hard to plan and often takes many years of research to even know about. However, many highlights are easy to approach and can be booked locally or online, with short notice and without a

huge amount of local contacts. 

We make sure to make our Small Modules easy accessible, so that you can get our support when it's needed and take the rest from there

Do what others don't know about

Many guidebooks, blogs and tour operators, inform and provide, what people ask them to. When you read a recommendation, it has mostly likely been given to and from thousands of other people before you. By booking a small module with a high of concentration of adventure and unseen options in a country, you make sure to discover something new and exiting. Escape the mediocre ways of traveling without missing out on the highlights.  

Don't get stuck to your calendar

The calendars are part of what we escape in the first place, isn't it?

We know this, which is why we do everything we can to assure you the many options without being tied down by chains of plans. You won't miss out on an experience because of sold out tickets or no available guides, but you will likely not have to tie yourself up to the same either. 

Some of our small modules can be changed and moved ahead, with as little as 72 hrs. in advance

Adventure Bits: Specials
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