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Best way to discover The Maldives

This is how to visit The Maldives while putting your time, budget and heart at the right places

Based on years and years of experience in traveling and discovering our destinations, as well as the experiences of our adventurous costumers, we are proud to say, that we are on to something good. The "Best Way to Discover" tour are our very best bids on a Rainbow, Butterfly, Unicorn adventure!

Best way to discover Maldives: Specials
Best way to discover Maldives: Product Gallery

What's Awesome about "Best way to Discover"?

Yes, that's right. Our "Best way to Discover" tours are awesome and when we say "Best Way" we mean best way. Based on many years of Experience with our destinations (We basically life for and from traveling) and the valuable feedback from our costumers, we decided to not just listen to the Guidebooks and only give people what they ask for, because there are simply more to it.


Have it All


Travel with Balance

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Dig deep and Discover

Carpe ***** Diem!

We do our very best to fit as many highlights as possible into these trips, while making sure, that you will also see the unique and less crowded parts of your destination. We take care of everything from start to end and make sure that nothing goes wrong. This is the way to get as much out of your time as possible, while also remembering, that the only thing worse than planning to little on a holiday, is planning to much.

Digest your experiences

While it is super important to get as many experiences as possible, you will also need some "Vacation within the Vacation" now and then. We know, which experiences will take your breath and how and where to regain it. Our insights on waiting time, attractions that are likely to sell out, hours of transportation and much more, makes us able to create a perfect balance between active and relaxation on your vacation.  

Did I actually experience my destination? 

With our ability to even out the level of adventure in each of your Days, comes also a great knowledge on how much time is required to proper discover a destination. Joining a "Best Way to Discover" Trip, ensures you that you wont miss out or simply just "skate" past your destinations, without having the time to truly experience them.

Best way to discover Maldives: Specials

We go to the edge of the world for you

We found new ways to go far ahead of the ordinary travel agency, when it comes to costumer service