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Group Tours

Share the Experience, the Memories and the Price

The greatest memories gets even better, when you got someone to share them with!
Take a look at our group-departures below and pick the one that suits you.

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What's Awesome about a Group Tour?

When you book a group tour with Huckleberry Days, you automatically become a part of an epic crew of likeminded travelers, right away. You will naturally gain friends for life and feel the value of sharing an adventure with others, as well as the many golden memories. 
Many travelers who meet on a group tour, are throwing reunion parties years and years after returning back home and as you are likely to join with backpackers from other nationalities as well, you very likely receive an annual "happy birthday" in in your inbox and your wall, in multiple languages every year!


Meet amazing people

Image by Austin Distel

Plan together and learn from eachother


Pay less for your trip

We often travel for the same reasons

Whether you join alone, needing a travel buddy, or team up with a friend to meet more fun people, Group Tours are the way to go. Most of our travelers are between 18 to 29 years old and join the groups for the same reason as you: meeting friends from other places in amazing surroundings, sharing experiences and memories and having the comfort of being in a crew of likeminded travelers.

Remember, bonfire stories are best in a circle!  

Join the pre-departure Group Program

When you book your trip, we will automatically add you to our groups forum and create a unique online group, just for you and your future travel buddies. Here, you will be able to chat and share ideas about travel prepping with the rest. You will also be invited to a collective webinar, where everyone will get the chance to say hi to each other before meeting up on the other side of the world. Our Travel manager will also be present, to give good inputs and answer questions. 

Share the price with your fellow travelers

Most travel agency gets a discount when they book more than one hotel-room, guide, day-tour, surf class, bus ticket and so on and on. So do we and we intend to share it with you! Therefore, we deduct the price, according to how many others joins your tour. That way, you can spend the extra bucks on a sweet night out when you meet, or simply stuff them in the pockets for later.

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