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Tuesday night thoughts

Hello everyone, this is Clara

I am so looking forward to starting this amazing adventure with the PICNIC club team.

There are many reasons why I’m thrilled to depart in 3 weeks on this crazy drive.

I have been living abroad in different countries and continents during my studies and always wanted to do more after graduation.

I am thrilled to now have the time to set up such an expedition together with Aleks. I am super curious to discover all the countries through the locals and with the locals. I am going to be the main driver on this trip, and I hope Aleks will massage shoulder and back every night. I’m especially looking forward to read and hear stories on the history of each country we are driving through. So, if any of you have crazy history stories and know historical places in your country (I probably should start learning Russian to be able to discuss with locals in most of the countries though), I would absolutely love to hear about them and to visit them. I’ll also do my research and share with you my interesting finds.

I do also hope to share joyful and fun moments with everyone we meet on the road.

There is another aspect to this trip that is fairly passionating which is discovering and experiencing a pretty unknown yet wonderful part of the world. I am reffering to the “stan” countries. I believe those Asian country will have even more to offer than I can already imagine.

I will be creating content for my online French and English classes according to our experiences

I think the value of a trip like this to all my students is going to be immense and give them great knowledge and open their minds to the fullest :)

I now have to go to bed, see you soon



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