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Hi from Ukraine!!!

October in Ukraine is mostly a cool time of the year and if lucky with little rains and Indian summer in its colorful beauty.

On your way from Poland to Moldova you will be passing towns and villages, historical sights. For a traveler from western Europe all will look unlike back at home, though it is only a day drive from let's say Denmark. The region has a long and complicated history. There are quite a few castles and palaces of 14th-18th centuries but most of them hardly survived both world wars and Soviet occupation. It will be reasonable to explore at least two of them: Pidhirtsi palace which looks as a haunted house (here ask locals about vikings graveyard) and Khotyn castle which is one of the picturesque and favorite one among local tourists. Kamyanets-Podilskyi town and castle are both worth attention on your way.

The city of Lviv is no doubt must visit for all foreign travelers. Along with Old Downtown architecture the city offers plenty of different style and cuisine restaurants. Very few know that there is an option of visiting a local home where its host will teach you cooking some Ukrainian traditional meal and treat you to some homemade delicacies. Active Ukraine is one of the local operators that offers such a unique experience.

It is impossible to be in the west of Ukraine and not to visit the Carpathians and explore its indigenous people culture. In the village of Yavoriv you can meet artisans who keep a tradition of weaving woolen blankets 'lizhnyky' on their wooden looms using techniques and patterns of their ancestors. In the suburbs of the village locals will show you to a once sacred place of their forefathers who used to pray and sacrifice here for their women to become mothers - an option for a short hike. The owner of a giant washing machine will let you wash the dust off your body and cool down in it, and than may treat you to home made liquor. This village is also home for a couple of craftsmen who produce the longest wooden wind instrument - 'trembita' which is nowadays humorously called 'shepherds' cell phone'. If during your long trip you are longing for a good day hike, the Carpathians are right there for you with plenty of moderate trails, sights, hospitable locals.

At least once you will be crossing Dniester river which is the biggest in western Ukraine and offers plenty options for river rafting as well as paragliding. There is one spot which is worth visiting for many reasons. White Buffalo campsite is a nice place to stay overnight, mingle with other action travelers, go paragliding above river canyon, rent a kayak (or any other river vessel) to explore the river itself. One of the options for group rafting is a replica of a 1000 y.o. Slavic boat - 'lodiya'. It is believed that vikings were also using this type of a war and trade boat to move along Rus' Kingdom rivers when traveling to Kyiv, Constantinopole and further east.

When traveling by car it might be a wise decision to stay at a hotel in the suburbs usually owned by a local family or business, and take a taxi or local public transport to explore a city or reach its historical downtown.

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Aleks Konge


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