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Hi Picnic Club Team Sharing some bits and pieces re Thailand

General recommendations on what to experience in Thailand:

When planning a trip to Thailand don't forget the North. In fact work out your schedule, including the North, and then double or triple or even quadruple the amount of time you're planning to spend in the North of the country - you won't regret it. (Just reduce the amount of time you were going to spend at the beach!)

And don't think you've 'done the North' by staying for a couple of nights in Chiang Mai city - get out into the mountains, stay in small villages / communities, take the back roads and experience the true warmth of the country. Travel through Mae Hong Son (and don't think you've done MHS just by going to Pai!), explore Tak, don't forget Nan and remember that there's much more to Chiang Mai than the city and Mae Rim! Oh, and bring a warm jumper with you in the winter....

Clara Dorval


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