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Membership program


*A maximum of 150 Badges will be issued

Any holder of a PICNIC membership badge is automatically a part of an exposure exchange program.

Being this, we will repay the exposure you offer us back equally. 

Exposure exchange program

 *an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth

1 like on our social medias = 1 like on your social medias

1 mention on our social medias = 1 mention on your social medias

1 share on our social medias = 1 share on your social medias

5-step process

Step 1:

Fill out the sign up form

Step 2:

If eligible, your company will be granted access to our members' club page

Step 3:

Post your 3 advice and 3 pictures of your destination prior to our arrival on the members' club page

Step 4:

Share our launch video on the given launch date (find information on the members' club page)

Step 5:

We send you a unique members badge with a badge number and a tracker code (in order to keep track and analytics on the traffic generated from the badge).


Membership badges



How to obtain it :



Silver Member

How to obtain it :


  • assist in communication with local press or assist with entry requirements.


Gold Member

How to obtain it :


  • help us setting up local successful events related to our expedition. 


Become a Member

How can you support?

Thanks for submitting!

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